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Fixing N900 GPS locking

The Problem

So as I mentioned in my earlier post I had lots of troubles getting GPS locking lately on my N900 which I regularly use for tracking when running. After switching and trying all apps that I was able to find – GPS Recorder, GPS desktop widget, Marble, eCoach and OVI Maps I’ve come to the conclusion that the problems is not in the applications, but rather the GPS device. Initially my thoughts were that it was completely broken as hardware, as I’ve used it quite often and it was always working as expected until recently when it completely failed on me.

The Fix

In the end after lots of searching I’ve found a fix that proved me wrong that it is HW issue, but rather a software one. The only thing that I’ve done was to switch the server used by the A-GPS from the original supl.nokia.com to supl.google.com – works like a charm, locks in a matter of seconds – even inside my apartment 🙂 Just go to Settings -> Location on your device and change the Location server

Well – finally I’m back on track with eCoach …

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